Mind Art Studio

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Welcome to the studio, in the head, in the brain of media artist Gerhard Johann Lischka

He is unique! So is his thought, which explodes synapses! And he says what he thinks! Do you also say what you think? Do you still think or do you let things run their course freely? Enter the studio and let yourself be rethought!

Mr. Lischka wants to burn his thoughts on the Internet and cling to where more and more fleeting thoughts fall through the cracks. Mr. Lischka wanted to go to school again, at R2Y Mediamatics! And let him explain all the functions of his new WordPress Studio. With patience, we can learn so much. So WordPress training for the gentleman, a new WordPress website with a thematic and multimedia chronology through the life of media artist G.J.Lischka and his Mind Art Studio.

Client: Gerhard Johann Lischka

  • WordPress with Timeline function
  • Archives equipped with menu
  • WordPress Training
  • Pedience: Today he does everything himself!
  • Graphic Design: Uwe Goebel

Enter the Mind Art Studio!