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The new WordPress from Röthenmund Photographie has arrived!

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Welcome to Röthenmund Photographie

Apart from the fact that you don’t always have to fly, you can simply stay at home on the sofa and travel around with the photographic view of Christoph Röthenmund.

His sensitive and attentive vein is reflected on his brand new WordPress website. Christoph has chosen a complex theme (Kordex) and it has taken a while to get it under control! Today Christoph updates the WordPress website almost exclusively on his own and has little to do. R2Y Mediamatics has just set everything up extremely simply and trained Christoph so that he has time for his assignments and projects and still has a wonderful presence on the Internet. In the background we help Christoph to make sure that everything always works correctly and that the emails of the new customers arrive on time!

Customer: Christoph Röthenmund, Photographer in Bern

  • WordPress website with domain, hosting and email administration
  • Website development with Kordex Theme
  • WordPress training on site and in person!

Visit his fascinating picture world and travel with him or book Christoph for your next job here: Röthenmund Photography