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Tailoring a WordPress?

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Tailoring a WordPress? Marianne wanted R2Y Mediamatics to do that! But who taught who what here?

Yes! She still walks into her sewing workshop every day and yes, until late, and usually hides in the back of a small room and cuts hundreds of new international cutting pattern for her clients.

I would have preferred to be a men’s tailor, at least if I could touch Mrs. Milani’s wonderful linen, silk and cashmere. At first, I didn’t dare, but she always said: “Touch it!” Today, I know how to recognize the quality of a fabric by touching it and the classic accounting of individual entrepreneurs with a cash book has been sewn into my hands by Mrs. Milani! Thank you so much! Now that I know where I am, all I need is the bespoke gilet. But recently, the Foxi dog has been lying there all the time on my blue linen. Mrs. Milani receives lifelong support from R2Y Mediamatics. She has spoiled us all our lives and still does from time to time with Crema Catalana and other specialties at the restaurant “Zunft zur Webern” in Bern! Design, planning and implementation of the new WordPress site. Visit your WordPress and discover the incomparable and typical Milani or why not visit it immediately in the Gerechtigkeitsgasse in Bern, yes, really now, she is still there!

Client: Marianne Milani

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  • R2Y Lifetime Support for Madame!


Image © Uwe Goebel